Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving (X Span) is ideally suited for items which are light / medium in weight and voluminous in nature. X span finds various applications in Auto, Apparel, Engineering sectors.


Span: 1200 mm – 2500 Width
Depth: 450 mm – 1200 mm
Heights: 1500 mm – 7000 mm


Loading levels can be provided at a pitch of 50 mm there by levels can be customised based on height of the SKU being stored.

Unique design makes it possible to offer decking level with the following options:

    • Steel decking
    • Wooden decking
    • Mesh decking

Each loading level can be divided into compartments depending on customers need.

    • Height of compartments offered
    • Depth of compartments offered

Light duty system can be offered for varying heights as under:

    • Single Tier
    • Two Tier
    • Three Tier

Walkways can be provided depending on the load requirements and can be offered with the following options.

    • Steel panels
    • Perforated panels
    • Gratings
    • Wooden walkways

System can be integrated with suitable material handling equipment for carrying material to various tiers and accessory components:

    • Chutes: Inclined plane having guided passage where materials can be moved uni-directionally under gravity.
    • Freight Lifts/Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC): cost effective, safe, and easy way to move materials from one elevation to another.
    • Conveyors to move material in vertical or horizontal planes.
    • Pick to Light & Put tLight Digital Systems.

Special designs for Sub-Zero temperature (Cold room applications) are also possible.

Seismic resistant designs can be provided on requirement.