Pallet Racking

Heavy duty racks is a kind of storage racking or you can call it warehouse racking. These heavy duty racks are robust and made by using heavy duty material to give an additional strength. As name indicates this is highly versatile storage system suitable for heavy or bulky loads. When volume of such items is large then storage becomes difficult. Also, it occupies lot of space. To store it in organized manner, designed for drive in type for large volume & manually handled load for small volume system is designed for easy assembly of the components or dismantling without any skilled force. This is to provide easy adjustment of loading levels for the different size loads. The sections of the upright & load beams vary with the load & span. The maximum height of the unit depends on the type retrieval & storage i.e. manual or with stacker, forklift etc. When material handling equipments are used then height of system will depend on the reach of the material handling equipment. This system is suitable for any industry having heavy loads to be stored.


1. Configuration: Frame (including upright, diagonal bracing, horizontal bracing, screw and footing), beam, safety pin and anchor.
2. Cut-in composite structure, the height of each beam is easily adjusted by pitch 75mm freely;
3. Maximizes space use ratio in any warehouse configuration while retaining optimum product accessibility;
4. It facilities the use of most forklift trucks such as common forklift trucks, electric reach trucks, narrow aisle turret trucks;
5. It is the most widely used design scheme of the storage system;
6. The max. height could reach 16 meters;
7. Suitable for pallet access and heavy duty load.