Drive-in Rack

Drive-in rack is a kind of storage racking or you can call it warehouse racking. It is a cost-effective solution to high-density storage needs. The drive-in pallet rack stores product on continuous rails, allowing lift trucks to enter the rack structure.

This kind of warehouse racking (storage racking) require fewer aisles, increasing storage density by up to 75%. It is suitable for large volume of pallets with similar products.
The structure is designed to allow forklift to travel into the actual storage area. Supports FIFO (First-In-First-Out). To provide you with a quote, we need the pallet size, pallet load height, maximum pallet weight, clear ceiling height and a rough idea of the number of pallets you want to store.


1. All composite racking structure;
2. Smooth floor panel with high load capacity;
3. Low cost and quick construction;
4. Can be designed into one layer or multi layers according to actual situation so that full use of space can be ensured;
5. It is widely used in the area of automobiles, electronics, mechanics, etc.
6. Combined with forklift access so the work becomes easy;
7. It will be better if each channel storage the same item.