Office Vertical

The Vertical Rotating Archives are automatic archiving systems allowing to exploit the whole height of the rooms.
They are equipped with internal rotating carriers rotating vertically on the user’s demand. The selected carrier stops automatically in correspondence to the picking station, where the operator can pick the required document.

  • Exploitation of the whole height of the rooms
  • Great increase of the archiving capacity in relation with the occupied area
  • Certain and quick traceability of the dossiers
  • Order and clarity in the archiving methods
  • Higher speed in research of dossiers
  • Possibility to interface with management software systemsImprovement of the working conditions of the operators
  • Access to documents allowed only for authorized staff
  • Protection of the documents

In the Vertical Rotating Archives the research can be:

  • manual, thanks to an electronic keyboard, able to choose the shortest rotation
  • automatic, thanks to the Management Software of the archiving locations

Every machine can be equipped with LED light bar for the research ofthe dossiers contained in the archive. The lighting LED indicates the exact position of the documents in theselected carrier, simplifying the research of the dossiers.

The operators’ safety is assured by always active safety devices:

  • Optical
  • Mechanical

The rotation of the carriers is not allowed unless all safety devices are activated.

The Vertical Rotating Archives can be equipped with:

  • mobile adaptable dividers for folders, books, box files, etc.
  • special customized boxes for sheets with different dimensions
  • pull-out drawers sliding on telescopic rails to archive folders, sheets, records, etc.
  • hook system for hanging files
  • specific boxes for folders