Defender Safes

Defender Supreme

Godrej Euro Graded Safe

Defender Pro Safes
Certified and Listed at VdS Germany and SP Sweden.

Defender Plus Safes
Certified and Listed at UL USA and BIS.

The Defender Plus Range of Safes from the house of Godrej counters the most sophisticated security threats.


What makes Defender Safes the best? : Underwriters’ Laboratory, USA and BIS India have approved the Defender Plus range of Safes. This range is defined by the unique features like two-step door design, Higher thickness of barrier material made of composite barrier slabs such as Double Duty Barrier Material (DDB), Torch and Drill Resistant Matrix (TDR), armour plating and the unique Drill Defeat Shield that offers more protection against burglary and fire.

The Strong Seamless Body : Fully welded multi corner bend construction without a single rivet makes the body an integral whole. All five sides and the door of the Godrej Defender Plus Safes (TL 30 range) are armoured with a specially formulated Double duty barrier material that is encased between strong outer and inner steel bodies. This provides massive resistance to attacks of sledgehammers, power drills and chisels, and also helps withstand the impact of a fall from upper floors. For higher grades of safes, the DDB is further fortified by a TDR matrix which offers excellent protection from torch, drill and tool attacks. The safes are further fortified by armour plating on all 6 sides.

The overall body thickness on all five sides is 100 mm (approx.), which offers as much resistance as 25 mm solid steel. The special outer body thickness of 5 mm plate offers extra protection, thus making the Godrej Defender Plus Safe Unique.

Locking Mechanism : The Godrej Defender Plus range of safes are fitted with Godrej’s superior quality, dual control, high precision locks which are unpickable and only the original keys will open them.

Highly sensitive re-locking device on both locks prevents burglary by instantly deadlocking the Door if the locks are tampered with either mechanically or by using liquid explosives.

Unique Drill defeat shields protect vital parts of the lock and dead locking device.

Optionally, a UL/VdS listed Group II M 3-wheel combination lock can also be fitted in addition to the 2 key locks.

Option for fitting Time Lock available in larger sizes.

Option of Electronic Combination Lock and Biometric Lock also available.

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  • UL Listed Safes : The TL-30 range of safes are listed and certified by Underwriters’ Laboratory, U.S.A. as per UL-687 standards.
  • BIS Listed Safes : Also available are a range of safes as per TRTL 15X6 / TRTL 60 X 6 of BIS standards.

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