Archiving Solutions




ARCHline is a mobile sliding compactable system with easily expandable cabinets, a practical and elegant archive able to maximize the available space.

ARCHline is simple and quick to use: the cabinets slide on dedicated rails on the floor, compacting and creating an access aisle in the required position, without leaving any unused space. Thanks to its sliding capacity, a little action is enough to allow the movement of the cabinets.

ARCHline is the ideal fitting for the office. Thanks to the selection of the proposed colors, it perfectly integrates with the preexisting furniture. Finishing defined in details and great technical features make ARCHline suitable to fulfill any aesthetic and functional needs of the office.

Technical Details

The cabinets slide on wheels equipped with bearings covered with nylon, in order to assure the optimal sliding capacity without any noise. Each cabinet is equipped with an anti-flipping security device. The rails are composed of tubular profiles mm 25x25x2 with a press-braked sheet, welded inside, as anti-flipping device. These rails are connected with tubular profiles with the same size,  creating a network able to distribute the total load of the installation. The footboard is composed of fiberboard panels covered with light grey laminate. The whole base structure does not have any fixing device to the preexisting floor.

Standard Color: light grey Ral 7035, maple wood, walnut